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What Is The Body Love Project?

It is about YOU, ME, and OUR SOCIETY.

It is about how our individual attitudes and actions toward ourselves can change the world!

It is about “fat” and “thin” and “perfection”.

It is about who we are expected to be, and why.

It is about the pain we experience and the pain we inflict upon ourselves.


What ideas do YOU have?

MISSION:  The Body Love Project is about exploring the connection between our bodies and our greater Lives for the development of further health, happiness, and acceptance in our individual and collective environments. This exploration may take place through written word, art, philosophy, and practical application of body-loving principles. Like the body and its Life, this project is ever-changing and needs nourishment to grow, so please feed it well! Comments, ideas, and book submissions may be sent to

The Body Love Project is a self-appreciation movement open to everyone! The reason for the project is the prevalence in our society of disconnection from the workings of our own bodies and a lack of appreciation in general for the great value of our physical selves, resulting in more hatred for our own bodies than love.  This is evidenced in our society by the rise in eating disorders, self-harm, plastic surgery, chemical cocktails, depression, and all kinds of war.  For those in favor of evolution rather than extinction for humans, it seems logical and imperative that we try to change this dangerous trend and gain appreciation for those same human bodies which we criticize and abuse and lament.  If we can shift the collective consciousness to one of appreciation for our bodies, then perhaps the human species can not only gain some contentedness but also evolve to enjoy more life on earth.  As it is, we (especially in the richer nations) are getting weaker and sicker – and, ironically, looking more and more polished on the outside.

My belief is that if we tell each other our stories and ideas about body love and listen to those of others, we will discover that there are solutions.  We will discover our common ground.  We will find that we are not so different from one another.  We will find that our ideas about our bodies are under our control and that we can truly appreciate them, unconditionally.  We can each learn to love our own body because it has been with us every second of our lives and will be for every second we have left.  It has been there through everything. It is time to nurture ourselves, to give back to our bodies instead of hurting them with thoughts, words, and actions that hold us down. Maybe you have already started that process.  Maybe it seems impossible to you.  If you express yourself, you will facilitate not only your own healing but that of others.  Of course, this is just the start of human evolution, but it is urgent that we begin now with the vessel absolutely necessary for human life on earth – the body.

Expression is the central idea of the Body Love Project.  The final product will be a book (or series of books) about our own body love – our relationships with our bodies, our most valuable material possessions.  In exploring the topic of personal body love, the more different perspectives presented, the better.  For instance, someone may pull a page out of her diary about their secret self-harming behaviors, someone else may discuss an empowering exercise through which he gained self-love, someone else may write about how body image in the media has changed over her long lifetime, someone else may share some shocking statistics…the sky is the limit.  Anyone is welcome to lend their voice – you can submit anything that can be put in book form (including artwork and photographs).

The second part of the Body Love Project has no end – body loving events popping up all around the world.  Look for Events near you*, or start one of your own!  Together, we can heal and evolve.


Here are just some of the subjects we want to explore – what do you have to say?

  • empowerment
  • age and aging
  • gender identity
  • beauty – what is it?
  • body politics
  • bodies and money
  • the generation gap: body image/care/standards, etc. then and now
  • the inseparable link between mental health and physical health
  • children, body image, and the media
  • “taking care of ourselves” ….
  • MOVEMENT and what makes our bodies feel GOOD
  • self-help and self-harm
  • body changes of all kinds
  • addictions and abuse
  • evolution (progression for survival) and de-evolution (progression counters survival)
  • illness, pain, and recovery
  • why we hate our bodies and why this seems to be socially acceptable
  • why we worship false ideals of bodies portrayed in the media
  • why we have to hand over the care of our bodies to others (ie, professionals)
  • skin color, eye color, tooth color, boob size
  • dysmorphia
  • eating disorders of all kinds
  • positive self-talk and tools
  • food, non-foods, and our relationship with it all
  • appreciation for what we’ve got

Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for contributing your thoughts.  Let’s make a statement together.


Laura Sprague


269 207 5471

*The current Body Love Project push in Kalamazoo is a theatrical production of the poetry I’ve received thus far for the book.   The show will be in Feb 2012, and we need lots and lots of volunteers to make it work – actors, costume designers, brainstormers, dancers, musicians, stand-up comics….let’s just say, if you want to be a part of it, there’s definitely a place for you.   It’s going to be a very colorful and controversial show, I hope.