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anorexic dysmorphia
“I HATE MIRRORS!” Wow, if only I had a dime for every time I hear that as a trainer. If I had even a penny for every time I said it myself – before really working on it with self-loving intention – I think I could buy Facebook. Today, I’m not so destructively self-obsessed, and it feels soooooo much better. I no longer avoid walking past store windows or buying clothes I need to try on. I can actually watch myself exercise and monitor my own form. Can you relate to the hangup I had? Would you like to be free of that monkey?From childhood, most of us are conditioned to use mirrors to critique ourselves – to notice when our hair needs brushing or our face has dirt on it, which is sometimes important. Many of us, however, take this objective assessment too far, harshly doling out self-criticism born of DYSMORPHIA, a warped sense of body-image that can lead to eating disorders and depression, ultimately working AGAINST your health plan! To feel better – and to be more accurate – about your body, learn to BE OBJECTIVE. This definitely takes practice, but it can be done. You’re breaking a very strong pattern, after all, so you’ll have to replace that negative inner voice with another one. Start by treating yourself like your own best friend; find something to appreciate, rather than criticize, EVERY TIME YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR. Give yourself some compliments. It may take a while to deconstruct years of self-criticism, but the end result will be a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER YOU. No, I’m not suggesting that you ignore the spinach in your teeth, but as you clean it out, how about giving yourself a big smile and appreciating the beauty of that?


  • faith

    hey my name is faith i have been learning about this alot and this picture has showed me that you are not fat even in the mirror because u are so beautfuil no matter what god made you the way you are. as someone you dont know i wONT judge you because in life it is really hard in life there are things that are hard and easy and at one stage of the day u have to regret what you have done in life one of my friends is like this but i help her each day to tell her that doing this isnt worth it,and the thing that encourages her the most is that HOWEVER I AM NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE BECAUSE IM ME AND I LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • There was a song in the 70s that went “Everybody’s beautiful in their own way. But it seems as if everyone now is telling you unless you look like ‘skinny me’ you aren’t beautiful nor are you healthy. Every one has “Blemishes of Life” that have made them who they are. We come to love and accept blemishes and no one should tell anyone that you aren’t beautiful for any reason.

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